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200 hrs Yoga Alliance RYT 2020

25 hrs Yoga for Athletes 2020


Danielle first found yoga while cross training as a competitive figure skater in Toronto. Like many, she was first drawn to the physical benefits of a strong asana practice. It wasn't long though before she fell in love with the emotional and mental benefits of daily self practice. Danielle is a registered nurse in Canada and is passionate about the science of body mechanics, anatomy, and alignment.


In 2019, Danielle moved to London UK and discovered Dynamic Vinyasa and Power Yoga. Danielle is naturally a person of high energy with a habit for filling up her day with too many tasks and activities. Yoga has enabled her to slow down (at times) and be more present in her life.

Danielle is completed her first training (200 hours) at The Power Yoga Company. She not unexpectedly has dove head over heels into the world of yoga and subsequently completed an advance certificate in Yoga for Athletes.


Danielle aims to guide you through a challenging class, full of love and good humour, with a strong emphasis on anatomical alignment and good technique to build strength and prevent injury. You can expect to leave her class feeling sweaty but energized, nurtured and ready to seize the day! Danielle is passionate about yoga and teaching it. She can't wait to graduate her first teacher training and begin sharing her passion with students through her classes.